The Centre's staff are involved in startups, such as:

  • Worldsensing. Prof Dohler has held various executive roles in Worldsensing, a company he cofounded. Since early 2013, he is a non-executive member of the Board of Directors of Worldsensing worldwide, where he reports to investors, shapes the company strategy on international expansion and helps secure important sales bids. Worldsensing has become one of the world’s leading B2B instrumentation companies, leveraging its knowledge in the Industrial Internet and Machine-to-Machine technologies. It had press coverage by the BBC and the Wall Street Journal. It employes around 100 people worldwide, i.e. in Barcelona, Los Angeles, Berlin and London. It sells successfully into the smart traffic market as part of the Smart City developments (FastPrk, Sensefields, BitCarrier) and the industrial monitoring markets (Loadsensing, Spidernano).