The main research areas of the centre are:

  • Mobile & Wireless Communications: The core expertise of centre is in mobile and wireless communications covering all aspects of communication systems, including antenna characterisation, information handling, physical and link layer design, network protocols, and the integration with Internet technologies, and finally application embedding. In recent years, we have been heavily involved in the design of the 5G wireless system, and its delivery to various industries.

  • Device Technologies: The focus of research in device technologies in the centre has been mainly on medical devices. In particular, we are leading the development of RF-based biomedical devices. We currently have a large portfolio of research funding in this area.

  • Multimedia Technologies: One of the strong applications of signal processing, beyond communication, that have been explored in the centre, is multimedia technologies. We have pioneered novel spatial surround audio. With this exciting new technology, we have recorded Yuja Wang (#1 female pianist).

  • Cross-Disciplinary Co-Design: As part of the 5G and Tactile Internet design efforts, we have commenced to engage strongly with various verticals (medicine/health, arts, automotive, gaming) which is changing the way innovation is being conducted in these eco-systems. Based on underlying technologies of the Tactile Internet, AI and Haptic Encoders, we pioneer the vision of an Internet of Skills which is able to democratise labour and wealth globally.

  • Internet of Things: Through early academic research, industry contributions and two Centre startups, we have made substantial contributions to the development of this exciting field.